BRIDGEXIM has started the distribution of chemical raw materials on the Romanian market since 1994; Bridgexim Ind SRL, born in 1998 - having as shareholders Mrs. Paula Eugenia Bujenita and  Mr. Daniel Bujenita - has an average turnover of more than 11 millions EUR per year, selling more than 10500 tons of chemicals.
     The distribution is carried out based on stocks stored in our own warehouse - the warehouse is located in Butimanu village (DN1A, km 37, half way from Bucharest to Ploiesti) and consists in: 4 houses (brick and concrete structure) amounting 4000 m² for storage of solids packed in bags or liquids packed in drums, 3 modulus (concrete vat for retention) with steel tanks amounting 1200 m³ for storage of liquids, administration building, access ways, concrete platforms for auto maneuvers/ parking's ; total area abt. 22400 m².
     In the warehouse nr. I - for packed raw materiales - having 900 m2 ,we separated and arranged an area of abt. 180 m2 for storing food additives. This area is provided with an elastic flooring based on resins, air-conditioning system to achieved the required environment for food additives and a thermohygrometer to monitor the temperature and humidity. Also, in the same warehouse nr.I , we separated another area of abt. 360 m2, arranged for products that require higher temperatures than 5 °C. For the products that crystallize under 20 °C temperatures, we separated a sub-area of abt. 30 m2 in which we keep higher temperature than 20 °C.
     We develop also the substructure designed for technico-administrative activities, by building a house of abt. 300 m2 on two levels.
     As support service for distribution we set up our own road transport specialized on chemical products, including dangerous ones. Therefore we own  ADR licensed vehicles (ADR licensed) and other equipments (according to the harmonized European law): 1 road tankcar with trailer (amounting 27500 litres), 2 trucks (total capacity 15.5 t), 11 cars, 4 vans, 4 forklifts, electric generator of 75 KWA, electrical transformer and distribution box, eco-friendly fossas, anti-fire system (including foam generator, pump system with automation to keep the needed water pressure in the network of hydrants, rezervoir and water resource), landing stage, electrical pulley.
     We also carry out some other activities/ services related to chemical products: our own production, mixing for the third parties, renting spaces including services of handling/batching/storage/management/ expedition for third parties, specialized consulting.
  • Our own employees: 45.
  • Customers: more than 700.
     Range of products - raw materials, chemical products and systems for the following industrial domains: rubber manufacturing, PVC manufacturing, laquers/paints/ thinners, ceramics, pharmas, cosmetics, food and feed additives, adhesives, detergents/degreasers/sanitary safety products, pesticides, printings, textiles-leathers, oil-drillings, building materials, waste-water treatment, electroinsulating materials, specific materials for winter season.
     Our thorough behavior and constant seriousness proven over more than 15 years led our suppliers to give us open credit lines amounting more than 1900 thousand EUR.
Furthermore, our bank granted us a credit line of 600 thousand EUR.
     We are certified and re-certified SR EN ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2005 and OHSAS 18001:2008.
     We are representative in Romania for many companies from European Union, China, Turkey, India, USA.

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