Additives for: Exterior Insulation Finish System, Decorative   
Rendering, Joint Grout for Floor Tiles, Self Levelling Floor  
Compound, Tile Adhesive  
Carboxy Methyl Cellulose (CMC) -Somfix ST granular 9004-62-0
Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose (HEC) - HX C6 mixture
Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC) - MP40HM mixture
VAE Redispersible Powder Polymer - DA1100, DA1200, DA1420 24937-78-8
Optical Brightner OB378 40470-68-6
UV-P absorber 2440-22-4
Concrete Additives  
Calcium Formate 544-17-2
Calcium Stearate CA-3 1592-23-0
Outlet Accelator CaCl2 96% 10043-52-4
Plasticizer - Acetine, free of phthalates 102-76-1
Zinc Stearate ZN540V 557-05-1
Epoxy Systems for FLOORING and ROOFING  
Epoxy Resin Epilox A19-00 25068-38-6
Epoxy Resin Epilox T19-36/700 mixture
Epoxy Resin Epilox T19-38/700 mixture
Epoxy Resin Epilox M772 mixture
Epoxy Hardner Epilox M715 mixture
Epoxy Hardner Epilox H10-30 mixture
Epoxy Hardner Epilox H10-41 mixture
Reactive Thinners mixture
Barium Sulphate - precipitated and micronized 7727-43-7
Calcined Kaolin (HS-801A, HS-901A, Snowhite 80, Snowhite 90) 92704-41-1
Glass Microflakes 65997-17-3
Glass Microspheres 65997-17-3
Marble Granules different colours, different sizes 471-34-1
Mica 0-300, 500-1200 12001-26-2
Micronized Kaolin 1318-74-7
Quartz and Quartz Sands, different sizes 14808-60-7
Talc - Micronized Magnesium Silicate - T1001, SK 97-15C, SK-9900 14807-96-6
Inorganic Pigments  
Black Iron Oxide 740 12227-89-3
Brown Iron Oxide 686 52357-70-7
Green Chrome Oxide 1308-38-9
Green Iron Oxide 5605 1309-37-1
Orange Iron Oxide 960 1309-37-1
Red Iron Oxides TP303, H110, H130 1309-37-1
Titanium Dioxide Rutile Grades PRECHEZA/PRECOLOR - RG-18, RG-18P 13463-67-7
Titanium Dioxide Anatase AV-01SF PRECHEZA/PRECOLOR 13463-67-7
Yellow Iron Oxides Y-710, Y313, Y-920, Y-311  1309-37-1
Organic Solvents  
Acetone 67-64-1
DiBasic Esthers mixture mixture
DMSO - dimetilsulfoxide 67-68-5
Ethyl Acetate 141-78-6
Methyl-Ethyl Ketone 78-93-3
Methyl-IsoButyl Ketone 108-10-1
i-Butanol 78-83-1
n-Butanol 71-36-3 
i-Propyl Alcohol 67-63-0
n-Butyl Acetate 123-86-4
Solvent TBA (toluene +) mixture
Solvent WSX (white spirit +) mixture
Solvent XBA (xylene +) mixture
Other Pigments  
Carbon Black pigments 1333-86-4
Ultramarine Blue 462 57455-37-5
Poly-Urethane Systems formulated for:  
      FLOORING mixture
      ROOFING mixture
      TOPCOAT mixture
List of raw materials or systems  
we distribute as REPRESENTATIVE  
of C.H. ERBSÖH KG Krefeld  
Own Label  
Anti Shrink Additives for Construction  CHE®-BOND-AS  
Powder Defoamers for Construction  CHE®-BOND-DFxxxP  
Any other related products by request.  

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