Therefore we own  ADR licensed vehicles (ADR licensed) and other equipment's:
  •  2 road tank-cars with trailers (amounting 42684 liters)
  •  2 trucks (total capacity 15.5 t)
  • 11 cars
  •  4 vans
  •  4 forklifts
  •  electric generator of 75 KWA, electrical transformer and distribution box, eco-friendly fossas
  •  anti-fire system (including foam generator, pump system with automation to keep the needed water pressure in the network of hydrants, rezervoir and water resource)
  •  landing stage, electrical pulley.
We also carry out some other activities/ services related to chemical products: our own production, mixing for the third parties, rent.

  • Wholesale of raw materials and systems for chemical industry import, export, community acquisition, community sales, distribution
  • Specialized consulting (including REACH, integrated management systems, waste-water treatment)
  • Renting of chemical storage facilities, including hazardous
  • Chemicals handling storage, management, including hazardous
  • Own production of solvents, thinners, other preparations
  • Specialized Transportation of chemicals, including hazardous (ADR)

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